FP3 Dutch Classic at TT Circuit Assen

FP3 went exactly how I was hoping, another 0.7s off my PB and so close to a 2.18s lap. First out the gate and straight into it, head down, knowing I’ll be chased down by the faster riders. My first flying lap I went faster than my best yesterday. 2nd lap tried something that didn’t work for me. 3rd lap faster again. Unfortunately we only got 5 laps in but it was enough for me to feel comfortable and get into a rhythm. Very happy with that time and happy to nail my lines and markers into my head. I can’t exaggerate enough just how much time a fast bike is worth at Assen, so I’ve already achieved a time I’m really satisfied with. My GPS says I have another 0.3s in what I’m doing if I piece it together but I’m unsure I’ll get the clear track needed in the races. Regardless, you never stop trying to go faster so I’m looking forward to the races/blood bath tomorrow.

I’ve included the second page of the timing sheet which shows just how many racers are on the grid. Yup, FORTY ONE RACERS. Pretty. Freaking. Impressive. The sounds, the smell, the vibration in your chest when they’re all around you warming up on the dummy grid is so classic. It’s exactly what I expected a 2 stroke race at Assen to be. A rare experience on this planet these days. These Dutchies are apeshit for smokers!