GT250 Tear down and mock up

I spent a week in Bali recently thrashing scooters through the city and around the back roads in search of surf. This put a bit of a hold on the work I've been doing on the GT250 but there has been progress! I spent almost a full Saturday with the grinder in hand, chewing through 30 year old steel so the bike is now looking a lot cleaner than it did. I also mocked up the seat and tank I will be using. I've had them for about 2 years now, sitting and waiting for my fleet of bikes to be at a stage where I can build a street bike. The fit pretty well and I've started on the mounting brackets for getting them on there.

Right now, the bike looks like neither photos above, more so resembling a pile of dust and some basic tubing. A bunch of parts are on order though and I've just received some new (old) wheels! More on that later but I'm essentially taking this thing back to the 60s/70s with styling since it'll be a street hooner. I really want to get past some of this base work and get my hands on the engine to get it blowing clouds again.

My weekends currently alternate between working on the GT250 and racing so it shouldn't be too long until it's rolling again. Stay tuned.