When the wagon wheels fall off

11 days ago I broke my right hand collarbone snowboarding. In February I fractured my right hand elbow racing which cut my nationals campaign short of a podium finish. Despite taking my first national level 1st and setting pole position at both rounds, setting 4 F4 lap records and demolishing my PBs all over the country, I have this annoying feeling like the wagon wheels have well and truly fallen off. And I'm legging it.

This rollercoaster ride we call competition is like that though. A shout out then to Sam Davison and bikerider magazine for this interview which gave me a lot of perspective. Sam was the 2015 125GP national champion riding with the ever dominant Steve Ward team and up until now I didn't really know much of Sam's story. This year is only my 2nd and a half year riding on full sized tracks and only about my 4th year riding (inc road riding) so when I turned up, Sam was already in his 125GP rhythm and on his was to his title. The interview explains how many injuries he had in his earlier days and how that kicked his racing in the gut at the time.

It's no surprise that motorcycle racers, well racers of any kind really, deal with injury a lot. I only have to think about my racing friends around me to realise that one. More to the point it's how we react to these injuries and how we play the long game that's important. There's a lot I want to accomplish in racing still and these are early days. I know I have the mental resilience to handle these set backs and I only have to look at local racers like Sam to see how to come back from it.