Riding the racing rollercoaster


A super costly seizure, 2.9 seconds off my day 1 best, a great start and 7th place in race 1 but loads of fun despite the rollercoaster ride.

When you rush up, you fuck up. That’s what my old man has told me ever since I was a grommet. Can you guess I was a pretty enthusiastic kid? I think enthusiasm got the better of me today though and it punished me severely. We had a seizure in the first session today and threw away valuable time for me to improve and gel with the changes we made. I’m pretty sure the piston wasn’t properly run in also but in all our enthusiasm I charged out trying to follow the group without enough temperature in the engine and it seized a few hundred metres into the session. Ugh. Okay. Lesson relearned. Tail between the legs. Pissed off at not following my normally better judgement and ruining a new piston.

Race 1

Because I didn’t get my last practice/qualifying session my best time from day 1 put me 7th on the grid. Better than last at least. I got a great start and launched into the front group. But like a dog chasing a bus, I couldn’t handle actually catching it. The pace had clearly heated up since the day before and I didn’t have everything dialed into my head properly to make use of the good fortune. After a few laps I ran off of the circut at the full throttle,  120km/hr first corner when another rider block passed me on tip in and that was that. When you lose the peloton up the front, you’ve missed the boat and no amount of hard charging will get you back to it. I made use of the rest of the race to try a few new lines and speeds through some corners and really made a meal of it. I tried running full throttle through a couple of corners I’ve found out you can’t and so went onto the run off a few more times. But I learned from it and will take the experience with me forward. I did however take 2.9 seconds off my best time from the day before.

More changes

I found I was having a hard time with the bike running wide on corner exit so I’ve lowered the front through the clamps further to help turn in. The rear was also pattering and sliding around through the full throttle corners and I found there wasn’t much rear rebound dampening so I’ve increased it slightly so the bike is more consistent front to back. I’m hoping it will make the difference for tomorrow. I’m going to need every bit of fortune this time!